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Top Hammer Casing System

Product Name

Geotechnical,Tunnel Pipe Roofing

Casing pipe OD.
Thread type

The Symmetrix  system is a solution for concentric drilling and simultaneously advancing of pipes and offers several benefits in pipe roofng.  

The Symmetrix system components

- a pilot bit which drills the center part of the hole and transfers the impact energy to the ring bit 

- a ring bit set, which is an integrated ring bit and casing shoe, welded to the front of first pipe, known 

as the starter pipe. The ring bit, which is connected to the pilot bit through locking mechanism, drills the 

void needed to advance the pipe into the ground simultaneous to drilling.



Internal flushing,

Efficiency and productivity,

Less torque,

Models as follow,

ModelOuter Dia. of Casing Tube
Inner Dia. of Casing Tube(mm)Wall thickness of casing
Ring Bit Out Dia
Ring Bit Inner Dia
Max.Outer Dia of Normal Bit(mm)Hammer Type Weight(kg)
For Top Hammer Drilling

Order with Pilot bit thread+OD of casing pipe+ID. of casing pipe

Matched casing pipe available.All below listed products are suited for installation of pipe  roofs using top hammer drilling technique. Other length and  wall thickness can be provided upon request. Larger pipe  diameters for installation using special rigs and DTH drilling  method can be offered upon request

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